What We Are All About

Our love for the Garden Route and motorcycles come together in a Sidecar.

With our extensive motorcycle travels around South Africa we know what it like to see a small town from the perspective of a local.

There is no contending with a bus group of strangers to see and snap the sights you want to see. This experience is yours alone, and…. It’s a cool throwback!

Our Tours

Classic Sidecar Tour

A no-nonsense tour to see as much of Knysna as possible. You will get a taste for the sweet allure of riding by sidecar and want to reach out and touch nature as it whips by you.

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Breakfast Run

The most popular ride for any motorcycle owner is a breakfast run. An easy like Sunday morning ride through Knysna with a pit stop for a hearty breakfast.

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Waterborne Sidecar Tour

We aim to please soak up the South African sun as you cruise along the beautiful blue waters of the Knysna lagoon.  This will surely set the tone for the remainder of your sidecar adventure.

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How to Book a Tour

To book a tour is as simple as riding a bike. You simply click on the button below which will take you to our bookings portal. From there all you need to do is follow the instructions.

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